life after lockdown

Life after Lockdown

It’s been how much ever days since lockdown and for weeks I’ve been itching to get out the house. One minute I’m screaming I can’t take it anymore and the next I’m thinking of the risk. With a brand new baby, the news surrounding Covid-19 hits different. Afterall, I don’t want to involve myself in anything that could potentially harm my children but the truth is life has got to go on so this past Sunday we decided to take the plunge and head to the park. It’s life after lockdown.


Now I ain’t gonna lie, homegirl was scared, nervous and excited all in one. I was happy to finally get out the house but a little fearful as it’s been soo long. What if someone comes close without a mask? What if someone sneezes in our direction and the wind carries it towards us. Now thinking about it, these thoughts was pure negative thinking!

The Park

After we got to the park, we took a quick look around, decided on a spot, got out the car and the first thing to make me smile was Thierry running on the spot, smilingĀ  from ear to ear like a Cheshire cat ??. He was sooo over being at home. He just wanted to get on his scooter and run wild. Him, being as happy as he was, made the whole situation so much better. That feeling of doubt at the pit of my stomach quickly subsided and I was able to let loose and enjoy our time out as a family.

People respectfully practised social distancing. On the field, there was no one within 6 feet of us, or even 10 feet for that matter. Now, I understand that we may have gotten lucky, as we did go later in the day on a Sunday afternoon but at the end of it all, this was exactly what was we needed; a little pause and reset, a little woosah!

Now a few tips we would suggest if you’re thinking about going out:

  1. Take a small step at first and only go where you think you might be comfortable
  2. Avoid places that may be overcrowded
  3. Walk with hand sanitizer or wipes

This blog post is just our experience and not meant to encourage anyone to go out if they are not comfortable, but I thought I’d share as leaving the house really did help my mental well-being and it was especially important for the kids. It’s life after lockdown.

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