our review of Mrs Mactivity

Our Review of Mrs Mactivity feat. Christmas Activites for the Kids.

Mrs Mactivity Review is a gifted collaboration. I have been homeschooling my oldest son since the first lockdown. While it has been challenging I have found that having the right resources and guides can make a vast difference to the way I teach and therefore the way he learns. We had the fantastic opportunity to be gifted membership to Mrs Mactivity – A Time Saving Primary Resources Website. Here is our Mrs. Mactivity Review featuring some creativity Christmas activities on the website right now!

About Mrs. Mactivity:

Mrs. Mactivity is a resourceful website that covers a wide range of ages (3-11) that is filled with a plethora of activities. This website is a gold mine for supporting at home learning as well as homeschooling. On the website, I was able to find not only learning resources, but I was able to find guides on how to teach reading, phonics and mathematical concepts.

The website however, is not your typical learning website with just worksheets, rather it is fully encompassing with creative activities for an array of topics including Christmas, Mother’s Day, Chinese New Year, Divali and Easter to name a few.

To give you some background about Mrs Mactivity – the blog was founded by Heather, an experienced teacher who saw the need for delightful, affordable and easy to use primary resources. She sought to fill that void and thus created what is now Mrs Mactivity.

Fast forward to present day and thousands of teachers, at home educators, parents and childminders alike turn to Mrs Mactivity for delighful and meaningful activities for their children.

Heather and her team take tremendous pride in the resources that they share, commensurate with their Ethos – “Is it time-saving? Is it delightful? Is it meaningful? If it’s not, it doesn’t get a look-in.”

Cost and how to join Mrs. Mactivity

Membership for Mrs. Mactivity is just £24.94 per year which works out to be a little over £2 per month. This is superb value for money for the quality resources the website has to offer. You can join by clicking here.

Do I recommend it?

Quite frankly I cannot recommend joining Mrs Mactivity enough. It is tremendous value for money and a remarkable companion in supporting at home learning. Had I not been gifted this, I absolutely would have purchased a membership!

To wrap this post up and as promised and in full credit to the festive season, here is a sneak peak of some of the fantastic resources featured on the Mrs. Mactivity website right now!

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